This is a place for stuff from the past - such as stories and pictures that tell you what to expect. The event has been going since 2006, but lots of the early history was recorded on a website that disappeared. You can find most of the results in the results section of the Orienteering Hutt Valley website. Here's some recent history. Its backwards (ie most recent at the top.)

Relating to the 2016 Event, Starting at Whareroa

2 Feb 16: Started a new page: Stories 2016. Currently contains winning routes for 8 and 4hrs. Including pictorialized version. Lost and found. Controls picked up.

31 Jan 16: Thoroughly in the Akatarawa tradition, said Simon Kennett, winning his 7th 8hr Ak Attack! But it wasn't all about tough riding, with the winning team among several who were not fully sure where they were in the difficult "Cousins" section, aka the "Co-Op block". Rachel and Liam Drew with Sheila Hart were not far behind. In the 4hr category Graeme Silock and Steve Meeres had a good victory over locals Christine and Mike Heron. The weather was good. Preliminary results have been posted.

 8 Jan 16: Nitty Gritty page updated.  Team member (Men Vet 4hrs) is in doubt, contact us if you are in similar predicament or would welcome an extra person.

25 Jan 16: MTB Pioneers Enter. Just had an entry from Simon and Jonathan Kennett, riding with Andrew McLellan. Simon has won six 8hr Ak Attacks, but former partner John Randal is enjoying road cycling. Hope you can write as well as John, guys! The course is final, just a small matter of putting out controls. There will be some updates to the "Nitty Gritty" in the next couple of days, the main one is some Didymo precautions we will be taking. If your bike or shoes have been in South Island waterways, check them for plant matter, dunk them in a solution of dishwashing liquid or household bleach, and dry them in time for Sunday.

 12 Jan 16: Location Announced! The 2016 Ak Attack will start at Whareroa Farm near Paekakariki, with controls between Orange Hut and the sea! Since the last AA here we have mapped heaps of tracks in what we call "The Cousins" (following The Three Sisters, The Seven Brothers, and The Sister-In-Law!) So it will be a new biking challenge, PLUS there's the extra "shall we drop our bikes?" thing as well. The area is similar to the 2014 Big Trig (foot) rogaine, we've advanced this announcement for the footies benefit, but we think they will be just as challenged trying to beat the riders!! Normal entries are due next week.

26 Dec 15: Congrats to 20 early birds, your teams have been listed on the entries page.  Regular entries are due by 21 Jan.

16 Dec 15: Entries starting to come in, remember its cheaper up to Xmas. Course planners have been out scouring the hills, a signature of the Ak Attack is the new tracks that are presented, some are only available on the event. PS we have a gentle zone and can relax the minimum age for 4hr teams who stay within it.   

27 Nov 2015 Entry open for the 2016 event. Note earlybird discount before Xmas!

20 May 2015: Next date announced - Sunday 31 Jan 2016. This will be the full-on mountainbike expedition into the Aka's. Download flyer here.

Stuff about the 2015 event in Belmont Regional Park

28 Jan 2015: Download the top 8hr routes for a better look. Or the top 4hr routes. Read how the winners did it, in Sifter's blog.

26 Jan 2015 pm: Some arithmetical errors have been fixed in the results. Weather sites say the Hutt Valley temperature was 25-26 degrees yesterday, from 11am right thru to 8pm. Of course it would be higher in sunny valleys that the breeze didn't reach!

25 Jan 2105: Makara Peak Mudslingers (Simon Kennett and John Randal) returned from a gap to win the 8hr Ak Attack again, in extremely hot conditions today. But it was a foot-only team Lightning Speed Robots in 2nd place, and another foot team won the 4hr category. Preliminary results have been posted. Take a look at the top 8hr routes. Makes you sweat just looking doesn't it?

16 Jan 2015: "Nitty Gritty" section updated with details for the event. List of teams updated under "Results".

14 Jan 2015: Venue announced. The 2015 Ak Attack will be in Belmont Regional Park, which stretches from Lower Hutt to Porirua, and includes 4WD and singletrack, bush and ridable farmland. Stand by for more detail in the "Nitty Gritty" section.