The entry fee is $50 per person for the 8 hour event and $40 per person for the 4 hour event. There's an Earlybird discount of $10 by 10 January PLUS a $10 discount for orienteering or rogaining club members. (Hint: you can join Orienteering Hutt Valley here, if you're new it costs hardly more than the discount!)  Halve everything for 2018 full-time students. The entry fee includes a great map of the area, land access, token prizes and a free lunch after the event.


Preferably enter online here and pay by internet banking. We don't have paper entry forms any more, but we are human and can help you enter by other methods - send us an email. Yes you can enter on the day while we have enough maps, but turn up early to do the extra recording.

Some FAQ's:

  • The date we would like to receive entries by is Wed 31 Jan. Use the late fee of $10 per person extra if the payment will arrive after this.
  • The bank account number is 030502 0316515-01. Use a reference of AK18 in the first reference field, and the team or leader name in the second.
  • If you have entered in the past, note that OHV changed banks a couple of years ago. So check those bank numbers carefully.
  • If it's a cheque make it to "Orienteering Hutt Valley" and post it to Box 25267, Featherston St, Wellington.
  • If you can't make it, let us know by the closing date. We'll do a refund when the dust settles.
  • After that, refunds only for circumstances beyond your control and at our discretion.
  • Additions and subtractions to teams, new mobile number, change of distance, well there are so many permutations that you'd better send us an email. See the "Contact" form.

Entries will appear here once payment has been checked. List updated 10 Feb.

No. Team Name Members Points Class
803 L2 Leon Perrie Lara Shepherd   Mix Vet
820 Directionally Challenged Kirtsy van Reenen Claire Baldwin Natasha Tomic Mark Bestbier Lucy Baker   Mix Open
825 The Chocolics Karsten Lorentz Ben Nistor   Men Open
829 Control Freaks Jeremy Stewart Emilee Walby   Mix Open
833 Makara Peak Mudslingers Simon Kennett John Randal   Men Vet
842 Showing the Coasters Around Rachel Drew Iain McIver Katie Smith Troy Watson   Mix Open
825 Lunachicks Kym Skerman Jill Westenra   Wmn Vet
414 Blue Nomads Anna Lambrechtsen Chris Bramwell Liz Smith   Wmn Vet
419 BOMB Jim Sutherland Joey Groves Howard Symmes Alex Grey Daniel Meares   Mix Vet
424 Overthehill Ian McCabe Jenny Cossey   Mix Vet
426 Its Only a Hill Andy Jones Troy Kusabs Jas Brown   Men Vet
427 Wander Women Val Spooner Karen Orr   Wmn Vet
428 Two Tyred Taylors Mike Taylor Ollie Taylor   Men Open
432 the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Ken Hill Bruce Odams Shane Eager   Men Vet
435 The Sea Cucumbers Brechtsje Tacoma Sytse Tacoma   Mix Open
438 Lightning Speed Robots Kelvin Thiele Cameron Thiele Bradley Thiele John Hurst Oliver Hurst   Mix Open
440 Green Boat Alastair Campbell George Willcock   Men Vet
441 The Boyz Charlie Budd Finian Galbraith   Men Open
443 No Spiders Christine Coulter-Heron Michael Heron   Mix Vet
445 Lost in Pace Leanne Dawson Camilla Railton   Wmn Vet
446 Kelburn Conquerors Simon Wakeman Kate Hansen Nick Willis   Mix Vet
449 Bunny Hopping Matt Landreth Hedda Oosterhoff Charles Wilson   Mix Open
450 Lost and Clueless Sarah Murray Emma Dunning   Wmn Open
451 Giddyup GG Graeme Silcock Gordon McDonald   Men Vet
453 Nigel No Wheels Thom Charles Robin Cameron Jones   Men Open